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Professor Gans’s 10 Commandments of Advertising Design

1.   Thou shalt not run an ad without a headline.

2.   Thou shalt pay off the promise of the headline in the first paragraph of body copy.

3.   Thou shalt not surprint body copy over a photograph.

4.   Thou shalt not set any body copy in less than 11-point type.

5.    Thou shalt not set more than 11 words in reverse type on a page.

6.    Thou shalt not insert random design elements for the sake of design or to fill space. Know more on, timshare paid off

7.    Thou shalt have one dominant element in the ad.

8.    Thou shalt use as few typefaces as possible.

9.    Thou shalt eliminate all unnecessary words and images, especially the words “commitment to quality” and pictures of the manufacturer’s factory.

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