Publications & Conference Presentations

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As Sole Author
Pub. Date Publication Title
1/10/2012 Magnet Media Labs “Do I need an app for that?”
11/28/2011 Magnet Media Labs The challenge of mobile marketing for technology
11/21/2011 Magnet Media Labs The challenges of mobile marketing for entertainment
11/14/2011 Magnet Media Labs How to sell cloud anything to SMBs
July 2001 Diversity Central A survival guide to corporate golf culture
June 2001 Diversity Central Inclusion and the Tiger Woods factor
Jan 2001 Diversity Central Why managers must listen
June 2000 Business Today Black and white Issues
May 2000 Business Today A job for life: Not a fair trade
As Co-Author    
Pub. Date Publication Title Co-Author(s)
Jan 2002 Diversity Central There is nothing more diverse than “new” Frederick A. Miller
May 2001 Diversity Central The education of an agent of culture change Dennis J. DaRos; Eugene Hamlett; Valerie V. Davis Howard
April 2001 Diversity Central Agents of change transform the workplace…and themselves Dennis J. DaRos; Valerie V. Davis Howard
March 2001 Diversity Central Recruitment and retention: None have seen the promised land Frederick A. Miller
March 2001 Diversity Central Caution: Diversity results can be dangerous Judith H. Katz
Feb 2001 Diversity Central Managers must become agents of change Monica E. Biggs
Jan 2001 Diversity Central Bottleneck on the path to inclusion Judith H. Katz: Frederick A. Miller
June 2000 Diversity Central Post-downsizing recovery: Strategies for thriving Khouri L. Jamison
May 2000 Diversity Central Measuring up: Tracking progress to make progress Khouri L. Jamison
April 2000 Diversity Central Think small Khouri L. Jamison
March 2000 Diversity Central Downsizing syndrome: People practices suffer Khouri L. Jamison
Feb 2000 Diversity Central New leadership model ascends from the ashes of downsizing Khouri L. Jamison
Jan 2000 Western City 76(1) Confronting racism: What cities can do Frederick A. Miller; Dennis DaRos
Nov 1998 Cultural Diversity at Work 11(2) Making managers account for diversity Judith H. Katz
July 1998 Cultural Diversity at Work 10(6) Three causes of resistance and what to do about it Judith H. Katz
March 1998 Cultural Diversity at Work  10(4) What makes a good manager? Frederick A. Miller
Gans, R. (2018). How Public Health Campaigns Promote Public Health Disparities. Finalist for Oral Abstract Award, accepted for presentation at the 2018 ACH ENRICH Forum, June 1-3, 2018, Tampa, FL.

Gans, R. (2014) Can’t Take a Joke: The Asymmetrical Nature of the Politicized Sense of Humor. Paper presented at the 72nd Annual Conference of the New York State Communication Association, October 17, 2014, Ellenville, NY

Gans, R. (2013) The Politics of HPV Vaccination Advocacy: Effects of Source Expertise on Effectiveness of a Pro-Vaccine Message. Paper presented at the 71st Annual Conference of the New York State Communication Association, October 19, 2013, Ellenville, NY
Berman, D. & Gans, R. (2008) Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience. Multimedia presentation delivered to the NYSARC Inc. 2008 Public Information & Development Training Retreat, August 18, 2008, Syracuse, NY

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